About this Site

And how to use it...

TL;DR: Click login in the upper right, authenticate via Discord, click on "Submit Run" in the top nav, submit the frames.json run data that come's from simbu's lua script.

This site serves as a way to easily inspect the data output by simbu's summary log lua scripts . You can submit both the race-legal and non race-legal versions. The non race-legal will simply provide more details (particularly boss fight information and menu time as of this writing).

It also serves as an archive of any seeds for which run data is submitted. When the first json run data file is uploaded for a particular seed, this site will reach out to ff4fe.com and download the patch used to create that seed. A link to download and reapply that patch will be added to the seed details page. These patches will not be removed, they will serve as an archive of submitted seeds for as long as this site, interest in it, and the resources to run it exist.

Once a seed is initially created with the first json output associated with it, anyone can upload their own subsequent run data and it will automatically attach to that seed.

All seeds and runs are stored in a database for historical analysis. You can browse all submitted seeds and all the runs associated with that seed. Likewise you can also all browse runs submitted independent of seeds. If you are logged in via Discord, you can see the link "My Runs" and view all of the run data you have submitted and their associated seeds.